I am a bystander who will not stand by

A beautiful story about trauma and triumph. Our negative experiences can create the necessary awareness behind bold decisions (that help other women). Bravo!

Fit and Feminist

A couple of months ago, something happened that I probably should have written about for the blog. But for whatever reason, I didn’t write about it here. Instead, I posted about it on my personal FB page.  Here’s what I wrote:

I just stopped a guy who had cornered his crying girlfriend outside Target and was screaming in her face. I’m pretty sure he wanted to hit me, but I still think I did the right thing.

All I could think was how many times I’d wished someone had done the same for me. May not have changed the outcome, but at least I wouldn’t have been left with the bewildering feeling of “how can no one else SEE this?”

I was – and still am – about 99.9% sure I witnessing an act of emotional and verbal abuse.  Of course it’s not possible to be certain that’s what was…

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