Tips and Tricks: 10. Fail A Lot

10. Fail a lot.

Everyone goes through this. You want to change a habit and begin self-improvement with all the fire and adrenaline you have. But eventually that “can do” attitude starts to wane. You end up with a free drink, a bummed cigarette, or an enticing dessert menu. And you don’t say no. You’ve failed, or so you tell yourself.

I look at beating addiction as the time in between those “failures.” You might fall off track every week at first, then every two weeks, then every month, etc. But what happens in those time periods between is like practice, slowly but surely making you stronger. No one expects you to be perfect and sometimes you need to allow yourself a screw-up without feeling like a screw-up. Often, it’ll end up reminding you why you’re letting go of the habit in the first place.

More importantly, if you allow yourself that forbidden fruit sometimes, at your own discretion, you end up taking away its power over you. You can choose to fail and choose to get back up. You can choose an addiction and then choose to break it. You don’t have to do anything, but you can. And failing a bunch of times doesn’t mean you can’t.




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