Tips and Tricks: 9. Adopt a Machine Mentality

9. Adopt a machine mentality (fuel, oil, move, mend).

This principle dawned on me on a run one day. I was getting tired and my legs were starting to feel like bricks. As I tried to stop focusing on how heavy my legs felt, I thought about how my strong core helped lift my legs into position. When I shifted that mentality, it felt like I was turning on a switch of a machine. It was as if my brain decided, “Ok, legs are tired (check), let’s switch on the abs (check).” Silly, I know.

But, really, it does help to dismiss the thoughts that make you feel like it’s sooooo hard to accomplish whatever you’re trying to do. You have to fuel it correctly, so sometimes you have to ignore the urge to eat junky stuff. I think of stretching as oiling the machine, getting it ready for action. Then as you exercise, you can put your machine of a body to good use. And then of course, you have to make some repairs. Rest, ice, and turn on that heating pad! And that, my friends, is my machine mentality. It’s what helps me “just do it” and stop getting in my own way.




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