Tips and Tricks: 7. Reject and Accept

7. Reject what has been projected on you and accept the truth.

There are a few stand-out moments in my fitness journey that have to do with rejecting the lies that loved ones, society, media, consumerism, etc. taught me. With enough persistence, certain ideas can play in your head enough until they are your very own thoughts. I remember walking to the subway to get to a group fitness class and caught my reflection in a window. According to current beauty standards, I looked terrible— no make-up, sloppy hair, shorts that cut me off strangely, and an oversized T-shirt that parachuted over my boobs to give me no shape whatsoever. And guess what, I ignored it and kept walking, damnit!

And then of course there were my HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes where I really did look ridiculous. HIIT makes you jump around everywhere, sending all my boobs, rolls, and fat to jump right there with me. I saw it happening, but I stopped internalizing the shame that comes with not looking how the patriarchy wants you to look. If I was self-conscious, I would not have finished that class, so I tried to reject the norms that made me feel unworthy. The truth is that you are worthy. Determine other life-affirming truths that will keep you going. Radically accept those truths and don’t stop.




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