Tips and Tricks: 6. Push Yourself

6. When you least want to is when you most have to.

You should be pushing yourself, within reason. If you really want to crash into bed after work, then putting on some sneakers and going back out the door is a pretty radical change! Shaking things up will shock your body right into the overload principle of physical fitness. Progressive overload is the only way you will see change in your body. In other words, you have to make change to see change.

Now do you really want a bowl of ice cream? I’m talking about the moments when you need that sugar fix a little too much… those moments that keep you emotionally tied, seeking comfort or filling a void. That’s exactly when to firmly say N-O. Eventually those powerful cravings will subside and you’ll know you’ve achieved something special. Feeling like you could live with or without something that used to control you is an incredible independence I hope you all choose to experience.



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